Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Water loss in basement affected the carpet and walls

Clean up in the Rec Room

This customer had a sump pump failure in their partially finished basement. The rec room had a carpet and drywall walls that got very wet from the loss. They were very distraught and needed assistance cleaning up the mess that occurred. Calling their insurance company to see if they had coverage. Finding out they did, they contacted SERVPRO to help them in their time of need. SERVPRO came to the home to assess the damages, do an estimate, and take photos of the loss areas. The estimator called the crew to load the van with all of the necessary drying equipment as well as the other items that would be needed to get the clean up done and start the dryout. SERVPRO crew arrived onsite, extracted the carpet and set up the equipment. The customer was so happy that they had their rec room dried out.   

Roof leak causing several areas to have a few inches of water

Roof leak

This was a customer that had a roof leak in their building. They contacted SERVPRO to come and assess the damages and the work that would need to be done. After the assessment was completed the crews worked several hours on several rooms to remove all of the standing water. They also removed baseboards to allow the air flow to get right at the drywall where it was affected. Dry out was a success and the customer was very happy to go back to their normal daily life

Removal of drywall post photo

Sewage backup

This photo was a post photo from a sewage back up. Customer called SERVPRO to assist them with the clean up in their basement. SERVPRO arrived onsite and cleaned up the sewage from the floor and then removed the drywall that was affected. The onsite crew also removed the insulation that was affected. Crew then set up a negative air scrubber to remove the sewage odor.

Sewage backup in a basement

Sewage Backup in Erie County Home

This image shows the source of a sewage backup, which caused water to overflow into this basement. SERVPRO was able to quickly clean it up, mitigating any potential water damage.

A SERVPRO deodorizer in a living room

Response to a Strange Odor

SERVPRO will often get calls about strange odors in their home. We are experts at dealing with this. Our specialized deodorizer in the image will ensure all odors are removed from your home!

An open air duct above

SERVPRO cleans air ducts

This home in Erie County had quite the buildup of lint in it's air ducts creating fire hazardous conditions. SERVPRO went through and cleaned the ducts clearing them completely. 

A burnt kitchen ceiling

Small Kitchen Fire Causes Lasting Damage

This photo shows the aftermath of a small kitchen fire in Erie County. This small fire caused significant soot damage despite being so small! Call SERVPRO for your cleanup needs.